Reading the rules when asked, is a rule. If you claim you didn't know a rule, your punishment will be doubled.


Limit swearing.

Caps lock is not cruise control for cool.

No spamming.

Don't be rude.

No you can't have OP, fly or creative.

If we need staff, we select from Trusted players.

Harassment of players is right out.

In-game rivalries stay in-game. When dealing with staff or in the forums, we are all friends.

Cause drama and you will be removed from our community.


No mods that assist in PVP including flight.

No logging out mid-fight.

No teleporting during a fight.

Do not teleport request or accept teleport requests just to kill a person unless both parties agree to such.

Do not bother staff when someone kills you.

You are allowed to keep peoples stuff when you kill them.


No mods that assist in PVP.

No flight or speed hacks or mods that let you go through walls.

Minimaps, macros, GUIs and similar mods are allowed.

If you use macros in PVP and get caught, that's illegal.

X-Ray is no longer allowed.


Raiding is a means for stealing, not for grief. Do not do more damage than needed to get what you want.

Don't kill people's animals. It's just rude.

Don't leave rude signs. Don't leave a bunch of ugly blocks laying around for no reason.

Do not destroy excessively. No fire or TNT.

If you find a way to use a creeper to raid, that's fine.

You may break a few blocks to get in, but not too many.

You may break high-value blocks such as diamond blocks or player heads to steal.

You may place Restone Torches or Ladders to get in, but you must LEAVE THEM THERE.

You may not use teleportation to raid, such as /home, /ptp, /tpah, /tpa or compassing.

Exceptions to the teleportation rule are lift signs, gates and ender pearls.

Take what you can carry in one inventory.

Do not dump items on the ground.

Repairing all of a players gear to boost your Repair skill is hillarious and encouraged.

If you place or break blocks during a raid, do not fill the hole back in or break the block used.

Raid Defense

Leave all raider-placed/broken blocks in place until staff has made their check.

Use AngelProtect to protect your home.

Retalliation is acceptable. Whining nonstop in chat is not.


Don't claim too close to someone elses property/claims without permission.

DO NOT claim the end portals or surrounding fortresses or area.


Staff do not get preferential treatment if they cause trouble.

Staff are held to a higher standard then other players, and incur stricter punishments.

If you want to be staff you must demonstrate knowledge of how the server works on a daily basis.

In-game rivalries stay in-game.

When you are acting as staff, you are everyone's friend.

Abusing staff powers such as /tp, vanish, kicks and bans or flight is grounds fo immediate revocation of staff rank.