New Minecraft, new Overworld


Staff member
Oct 7, 2019
Minecraft 1.16 is coming soon and with it, a new era for Angel's Reach!
  • Creative worlds return!
  • SoulGems return to create new Mob Spawners
  • More rewards for Voting, Participating in Forums, and Participating in Discord
  • New ways to gain Karma, new rewards for high or low Karma, and new ways to track Karma
  • A much larger overworld!
  • Towns! (I hope!)
Let's talk about this larger overworld.

Here you can see the size of the current overworld (the middle red box) and the new size (the outer blue box). That's going from 10000 meters across to 30000 meters, meaning 9x the explorable, buildable space. With this will come more rare biomes, more villages, more temples, more everything! Since Angel's Reach has a 1:1 ratio between the Nether and the main world, that means that an equally sized Nether will be available. That's insanity. Have fun everyone.

Now the negatives. As I've done a poor job maintaining (or even creating) a balanced economy so far, we're going to completely replace the existing world with this newly generated one. Hopefully that will mean that even the land close to spawn will be rife with new treasure.

The current world will be available to visit in a read-only state. Your incredible builds won't be forgotten.

Your inventories will also be replaced at this time and your silver reset, however MCMMO stats and RUNES will carry over, so vote every day and train those stats up for a running start in the new world!

We will also be creating mini spawns around the outer reaches of the map. Teleportation Gates will take you to and from the Angel Peak spawn to facilitate quicker travel around the world. When you respawn or run /spawn you will end up at the closest spawn to yourself, thereby creating 5 spawn regions. I hope to see these regions generate their own communities and possibly compete with one another in the future.

Let me know what you think, what your concerns are, whether you think we should shift course. I'll be taking all feedback under consideration, so make your voices heard in this thread!