[POLL] Which new website feature should we add?

What feature should we add first? (Two Votes)

  • In-line Comments

  • Profile Covers

  • Spotify

  • Trending

  • Giphy

  • Bookmarks

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Holding up the fort
Staff member
As you may have noticed, we are changing the website up quite a bit to make it just better overall. There are several optional features I am considering adding, and this is your chance to let me know what you think is most important.

In-line post comments
This would modify the structure of all form posts to be more similar to reddit or facebook, where replies fall in line with the comment and are not just lost somewhere at the end of the thread with the subject of the reply copied inside.

Profile Covers
Similar to Facebook or Twitter, this allows you to add a cover image to your profile which can help you express yourself on the website.

We can add Spotify to the website for easy access to tunes while you're here!

This will push more relevant content to the front page which should have the effect of immediately making the website more enjoyable.

Want to express yourself with animations? This would add easy access to a gif search tool.

See a tutorial or other piece of useful info you like? Add a bookmark on the website without cluttering up your browser bookmarks!

Let us know what you think! Also feel free to comment if there's a feature you don't see here that you want!