The Happening at Vergil's Trampoline


Staff member
Oct 7, 2019
For the past year there has been a pure white sheep stalking the grounds of Vergil's private villa. He was the noblest of ovis Dickface. A long time companion of Vergil and friends, he was a welcome and fiercely loved member of society.

Unfortunately today, October 26th in the year of our lord 2019 during a freak and completely unforeseeable forced animal trampolining incident, Dickface was was taken from us by the cruel force of gravity and an unfortunately weak set of ankles. He is remembered by Bacon, Vergil, Levi, Katy, Cass and Harold the Chicken and Failure the Sheep who were present for this terrible incident. In the process of mourning Vergil took it upon himself to build a humble effigy to the late Dickface. Levi grieved by casting Harolds unborn egg-child up a ladder.

What happens next is 100% accurate and contestable by no one.

Dickface was in that moment reborn as a baby chicken. Upon taking his first steps in this realm since his resurrection, he immediately hopped onto the grave of his fallen self, where he adamantly remains to this day.

Truly we have witnessed a holy miracle.