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Oct 7, 2019
Again this is working as a kind of notepad and will transform to an instructional guide.

Commands can be run in in-game chat.
<> signifies that input is specific, like a players name and is required.
[ ] signifies that input is optional.

/Home [name of home]
Takes you to a previously established home.​
/Sethome [name of home]
Establishes a home to teleport back to with /home.​
/Delhome [name of home]
Deletes an established home.​
Opens a pocket sized crafting bench (Requires vote!)​
Opens your pocket sized Ender Chest (Requires vote!)​
/TPRequest <player> (/TPR)
Request to teleport to another player.​
/TPRequestHere <player> (/TPRHere)
Request that another player teleport to you.​
/ToggleInventory [#] (/TI)
Switch your entire inventory with a secondary one.​
/Report <your message goes here>
Report a bug, rule breaker or other problem to staff.​
Buy various monster spawners using Silver.​
/Bookmark (Coming Soon)
Temporary placeholder for locations​
/Letter <message>
Write a letter on a piece of paper.​
/Post <player>
Send the letter to another player.​
Summon the postman if he has a letter for you.​
/Sign Edit <line #> <text>
Edit your copied sign data before you paste it on another sign.​
Go to a temporary world just for mining​
Go check out Tutorial again​
Return to the place in the Overworld where you were when you went to Tutorial or Disposal​
Sign up for our webforum​
/Fb Toggle
Toggle off or on the Scoreboard on the right side of the screen​
See your MCMMO Levels
/Acrobatics [page #]
/Alchemy [page #]
/Archery [page #]
/Axes [page #]
/Excavation [page #]
/Fishing [page #]
/Herbalism [page #]
/Mining [page #]
/Repair [page #]
/Salvage [page #]
/Smelting [page #]
/Swords [page #]
/Taming [page #]
/Unarmed [page #]
See more detailed info about your skills​
/MCTop [skill]
See where you rank in each skill level​
See where you rank in all your skills​

Buy, stack, upgrade and customize spawners. Use redstone to power off spawners.​
Upgrade furnaces to refine more materials.​
Teleport hopper output into any container. Use as short-range warp pipe.​
EpicFarming (maybe coming soon)
Erect a totem that farms for you.​
Angel Chest Shops
Create a store that other players can buy from or sell to.​
Test redstone current with Coal​
Light Meter
Test light level with Glowstone Dust​
Activate Redstone
Right click on a redstone dot to activate it.​
Craftbook Bridges
Craftbook Doors
Craftbook Gates
Craftbook Chairs
Craftbook Elevators
Craftbook Xp Bottlers
Craftbook Hidden Switches
Craftbook Light Switch
Craftbook Map Changers
Craftbook Sign Copy and Sign Edit
Craftbook Painting Switcher​

4 Row Enderchest
3 Homes
Vote to open Enderchest anywhere (/Chest)
Vote to open Craftbench anywhere (/Craft)
2 Inventories (/ToggleInventory)
Use color codes in signs
Rent spawn plots for shops​
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